Solar Cable

Voltage: 600/1000V AC,1000/1800V DC
Conductor: Flexible Tinned Copper Class5
Insulation: Cross linked XLPO Double Insulated
Standards: CCC/UL/CE/CNAS/IEC Certificate
*Customized products are supported

Solar Cable Models



Cross Section Area


Flex Tinned CU; XLPO Double Insulated

1 core
2 cores



Conductor: Tinned Flexible Copper Class5
Insulation: Cross linked polyolefin LSZH Double Insulated
Standards: CCC/UL/CE Certificate


Conductor: Tinned copper, electrical property & Structure in accordance with EN60228 Class 5.
Insulation: LSZH electron-beam cross-linked Polyolefin copolymer ROHS material, prior color black or as per customer’s request.
Outer Sheath: LSZH & UV-resistant electron-beam cross-linked Polyolefin copolymer ROHS material, prior color black or as per customer’s request.


1.high resistance against heat, cold,abrasion, UV, ozone and hydrolyses.

2.These cables provide the means to interconnect between photovoltaic(PV) panels and from panels to the inverter.

3.They operate at DC voltage and provide long life in exposed conditions.


Nominal Voltage: U0/U  0.6/1 KV (AC) /  1/1.8 KV (DC)  

Test Voltage: No breakdown at 6.5 KA(AC) 50HZ 5min & 20±5℃ / 15KA (DC)  5min  20±5℃  

Temperature Rating: Working Temperature -45℃~+125℃, Max conductor Temperature 125℃ (continuously 20h), Allowable short circuit temperature 280°C in 5 second

Service Life: Expected life span≥25 years

Bending Radius: Fixed installation>4D, Occasionally moved>5D

  • High Purity thick raw materials

    High Purity IEC60228 Raw materials, Safety,low resistance,stable voltage,more power saving

  • Low eccentricity, uniform thickness

    Prevent damage is guaranteed, effectively prevent the current breakdown, to ensure the safety of electricity

  • Safer use, Flame Retardant and environment friendly

    All new and high quality sheath,Wear-resistant and oil-resistant, soft and easy to install

  • High cost-effectiveness

    Environment friendly,safer use, better quality, low cost and sooner delivery

  • International standard meet different needs.

    Our products are produced according to Chinese standards (GB/T, ISO9001) and international standards including IEC, BS, DIN, ICEA or according to customers’ requirements. It has also got CCC(China Compulsory Certification) and ISO certificates. Thus, the quality of each product could be guaranteed.

  • Quick response within 24hours.

    Huanghe Cable Group support you always

  • Product warranty for one year if the product is correctly installed and used.

  • Professional Team

    Our engineer team support with professional suggestions and solutions. Customized products can be provided based on your specifications.

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