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Common Causes of Cable Faults

1.Mechanical Damage

Many cable faults are caused by mechanical damage caused by careless cable installation or construction close to the cable after installation.

2.Chemical Corrosion

The sheath and armor layer of cables embedded in areas with acid and alkali work or near gas stations with benzene vapour are susceptible to chemical corrosion.

3.Land Subsidence

When the cable crosses highways, railways and tall buildings the vertical force of the cable is deformed due to the land subsidence which causes the cable armor to rupture or even break and cause failure.

land subsidence

4.Long-term Overload Operation

The temperature of the cable will increase due to long-term overload operation especially in the hot summer which often leads to the breakdown of the weak part of the cable sheath and the joints.

5.Violent Vibration

The cable running under the railway track is affected by violent vibration which causes the cable sheath to break due to elastic fatigue and thus cables the fault.

6.Water Vapor Mixed in the Cable Joint Enclosure

It is easy to mix water vapor into the cable joint enclosure in humid climate which will cause cable flashover failure after a period of time.