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FAQ about Electric Cables

 electrical cable

☆ How to measure the outer diameter of cable sheath?

Measure the outer diameter of the sheath at five points evenly distributed on the circumference of the sheath. The Average value is the outer diameter of the sheath.



☆ What are the main properties of insulation layer of electric cables?

1. High breakdown strength

2. Low dielectric loss

3. Quite high insulation resistance

4. Excellent discharge resistance

5. With certain flexibility and mechanical strength

6. Stable insulation performance


☆ What rules should be followed when choosing the cross section of a electric cable?

1. The rated voltage of the cable should be greater then or equal to the rated voltage of the power supply system at the installation point.

2. The permissible current of the cable shall be equal to or greater then the maximum sustained current of the power supply load.

3. The cross section of cable conductor must meet the stability requirements of the power supply system in short circuit.

4. Check whether the voltage drop meets the requirements according to the cable length.

5. The minimum short-circuit current at the end of the line shall enable the protection device to operate reliably.