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Why are Cable Conductors Twisted with Multiple Strands



The cable conductor heats us due to the electrical consumed. As the temperature of the cable conductor rises, the performance and life of the cable insulation and protective layer will be greatly affected. In order to run the cable efficiently the cross-section of the cable conductor should be enlarged.

medium voltage cable

However, a single solid conductor with a larger cross section has poor flexibility and is not easy to bent, which will bring great difficulties to cable production, transportation, installation and laying. The conductor made of multiple strands of metal wires can not only greatly increase the flexible of the cable, but also vastly reduce the damage to the cable insulation layer.

cable conductor stranded


The defects of the single strand that make us the twisted conductor cannot be concentrated in the same place, so the impact of the single strand defect on the performance of the twisted conductor weaker than that of the single solid conductor.

High Strength

When the same rod wire is used the drawn thin wire is more deformed than the thick wire. So the strength of the thin wire is higher. The strand strength is higher than that of a single solid conductor of the same section.